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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What is Diversity?  What is Equity? What is Inclusion?

In very general terms, Diversity can be best understood in that we are all different.  Some of those differences are visible; like skin color, facial features, age, body types - and other differences are generally invisible; like sexual orientation, religion, mental illness and politics.  Engaging Diversity means respecting, appreciating and valuing these differences.  

Recognizing Equity in organizational life means that we have an understanding of the social power dynamics that are in play relative to the intersectional differences that human beings bring with them into the workplace.  Differences of Race, gender, sexuality, identity religion, ability and social class all impact the invisible systems that drive opportunity in our organizations.  

When we talk about Inclusion, and inclusive workplaces, we mean environments where everyone respective of their diversity, has an opportunity to fully participate and thrive.  Inclusive workplaces do more than simply respect, appreciate and value differences; inclusive workplaces actively seeks differences out for their potential and the value that they bring to the mix.  Inclusive workplaces understand diversity training is a starting point rather than an end goal; and that coaching, mentoring and ongoing cultural growth is a must to if organizations are to remain innovative, productive and profitable.

Simply put, diverse workplaces make room for different bodies - Inclusive workplaces create productive and innovative environments where those different bodies work together in synergy.

Why DSI?

Over the last decade organizations across both public and private sectors have launched diversity initiatives and incorporated key concepts of diversity into policy and programming.  Whether these efforts were initiated for compliance purposes or with great enthusiasm, the resulting fatigue all these years later, too often manifests as  Diversity Drain™-- diversity programs are not well attended, Senior Leaders are not engaged or accountable, employees are disconnecting from the needs and benefits of engaging diversity, diversity initiatives are generally handled as add-ons (e.g. “nice to haves,” rather than “need to haves”) and any enthusiasm for the potential benefits of engaging diversity have long been "drained" out of organizational culture. While there are many reasons for Diversity Drain™, the most common causes are:

  1. A top down approach to change that doesn’t require a common organizational understanding of the impetus and benefits of engaging diversity
  2. Leaving diversity initiatives as disconnected from the day to day business (i.e. not tying it to the business plan)
  3. Lack of senior leadership stewardship and accountability
  4. Sporadic one-off events and activities that focus on celebrations as opposed to efforts at integrating Diversity
  5. A Lack of a solid on-going communications plan

At DSI, we believe the next step in the diversity journey, and the best way to move beyond Diversity Drain™, is what we call Diversity Intelligence™. In essence, Diversity Intelligence™ allows our clients to maximize their personnel by developing a common language, common understanding and most importantly a common reference point for change.  Unlike traditional diversity initiatives that concentrate on differences alone, DSI's Diversity Intelligence™ approach uses the powerful science of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to build on similarities, so our clients can better leverage differences.