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Emotional Intelligence

Growing knowledge in the fields of social-psychology and neuroscience shows that cognition and emotions are interwoven in how we interpret, process and engage the world -- especially in the areas of complex decision making, impulse control, self-awareness, empathy, personal drive and general social skills.       

The group of abilities that arise in this interweaving of cognition and emotion comprise what we understand to be emotional intelligence — The key set of capacities that set average performers apart from those who thrive and excel beyond their peers. 

Almost 3 decades of research on tens of thousands of people has demonstrated that 80-90 percent of what differentiates average performers from outstanding performers is found in the domain of Emotional Intelligence rather than Raw Intelligence (IQ) or education and technical skills. Our emotions are continually shaping what we perceive, how and what we think and most tellingly, what we do.  Because emotions drive our behavior, it is vitally important that we are attuned to the stream of emotions and feelings that are constantly running under the surface – this is why Self-Awareness is so vital.  It allows us to leverage deep personal understanding into powerful application.

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