Diversity Solutions

Canada's Premiere Provider of Diversity and Emotional Intelligence Trainings!


Unlike traditional diversity trainings that concentrate on Human differences, Diversity Solutions' approach to Diversity and Inclusion Training, what we call the Diversity IntelligenceTM approach, is designed to build on our similarities to better leverage our differences. We now know that the major barriers that arise in organizations in relation to diversity are actually driven by the similarities that exist among people; our brains, emotions and behaviour.

Specializing in UNCONSCIOUS BIAS TRAINING, Diversity Solutions builds on the intersections of sociology, psychology, neuroscience and organizational psychology, to help participants develop an understanding of how emotions drive behaviour, and in turn, how some emotions can and do drive our behaviour in ways that contribute to powerful sub conscious bias and ultimately, organizational “diversity drain.” (e.g. frustration, aggravation, fear, disinterest, resentment, etc).